The Pilot

Jims started flying at 16, joining the military first as an Infantry soldier in the Princess Pats, before reclassifying to Pilot in the RCAF. His flying experience has taken him from Moose Jaw instructing on Tutor jets, flying Twin Otters in the High Arctic, and T-33s jets in Cold Lake. Post military, Jim flew the bush in Northern Canada, humanitarian missions with United Nations in Africa, 737 airliners, then on to Instructing pilots of the Royal Saudi Airforce. With a career total of over 10000 hours and 35 years Jim has flown over 50 different aircraft from J-3 Cubs to 737s. He began his Airshow career in 1998 flying Pitts specials, and now the Harvard Mark 4.

2004 Canadian National Intermediate Aerobatic Champion


Beginning his Air Show career in 2000 with a Pitts Special Jim has since flown over 100 shows across Canada amassing nearly 10000 hours in military and civilian flying. He was the Canadian National Intermediate Aerobatic Champion in 2004.

He now calls Bassano his home and returns for the 2009 season with a 1952 Mark 4 Harvard Trainer, painted in original Air Force colours and markings. Jim owns and operates "Specialized Flight Training" in Bassano, Alberta, teaching tailwheel, aerobatics, and introductory bush flying courses.