Jim Hrymack

Delve deeper into the multifaceted aspects of Jim’s background and experiences, gaining a comprehensive understanding of his unique story and contributions.

How did you get into flying?

My father taking the family to Airshows or rather parking outside the airfield under the flight path of the aircraft. The one I remember most vividly was a 104 Starfighter at the Gimli Airshow flying right over me when I was about 6 years old, I think that that started it all!

At what age did you embark on your journey into flying?

Commenced flying at the age of 16, encountered a financial setback but successfully obtained my pilot’s license at 20. Since then, I’ve remained actively involved in flying for nearly four decades.

How many air shows have you participated in as a pilot?

Approximately 150 shows over the span of 25 years.

What certifications, accolades, or awards have you achieved or earned throughout your career?

Achieved the top scoring Flight Test at  Victoria Flying Club for the Private Pilot License.

Recipient of the Lauren Maher Trophy at CFB Moose Jaw, recognizing the demonstration of the highest level of professionalism and moral during course 9105.

Secured the title of Canadian International Intermediate Aerobatic Champion in 2004.

Where did you undergo your training for this particular skill or profession?

Initiated my training at Winnipeg Aviation at the age of 16, achieved my Private Pilot License (PPL) at the Victoria Flying Club in 1984 while concurrently serving as an Infantry soldier in the PPCLI. Subsequently, I reclassified to become a Pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1989.

How many flight hours have you accumulated?

I have logged 12,000 flight hours across a diverse range of aircraft, including over 60 different types such as military jets, airlines, and bush flying experiences.




Is there something specific you’d like people to know about you that hasn’t been mentioned?

What I find most rewarding about airshows is inspiring people, especially kids, to pursue their dreams. I take the time to engage with spectators, signing autographs, and allowing kids to sit in the planes whenever possible. One of my notable experiences includes flying the Arctic Airshow in 2017, where I performed in 50 shows in the month of June alone, reaching as far north as Holman Island in Canada’s Arctic. This might be a world record for the most northerly airshow.

Meeting veterans is another aspect I cherish. Connecting with former fighter and bomber pilots who trained on the Harvard, as well as ground crew and airmen, is always fascinating. Hearing their stories and witnessing the spark in their eyes when they get into the Harvard is truly remarkable.

One memorable encounter at the Red Deer show involved meeting a former Air Force pilot who soloed and instructed on my airplane Tail 334 in the late ’50s in Moosejaw and in Red Deer. He even brought his logbook to share his experiences. His family arranged for him to take a ride, and without hesitation, he hopped into the plane and flew it as if it were yesterday.

It’s heartening to have individuals, now adults, approach me years later, expressing that they pursued an aviation career after seeing my show and chatting with me. Such feedback is incredibly fulfilling.

As part of promoting the airshow, I actively participate in sponsor rides and offer charity raffle rides at the end of each show.

I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my passion early in life, and my enthusiasm for it remains as strong today as when I first started. The journey has provided my family and me with wonderful experiences worldwide. Always eager to expand my knowledge in aviation, I am currently studying for my Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License at SAIT, following the completion of the Aircraft Structures course in 2022. Looking ahead, I am excited about learning to fly helicopters in 2024.

2004 Canadian National Intermediate Aerobatic Champion

Jim embarked on his Air Show journey in 1998, starting with a Pitts Special. Since then, he has soared through the skies, performing in over 150 shows across Canada and accumulating close to 12,000 hours of experience in both military and civilian aviation. His prowess in aerobatics led him to clinch the title of Canadian National Intermediate Aerobatic Champion in 2004.

Currently residing in Strathmore AB, Jim proudly considers it his home. For the 2024 season, the 100th Anniversary of the Air Force he takes to the skies with a 1952 Mark 4 Harvard Trainer, meticulously adorned in its original Air Force colours and markings. Beyond his Airshow Flying endeavors, Jim is the owner and operator of “Specialized Flight Training” in Bassano, Alberta. At his flight school, he imparts knowledge in tailwheel operations, aerobatics, and introductory bush flying courses.